Herbal Medicine

I want to empower you to be living your best life. Here’s some of the ways we can work together.

Wellness Consultation

Exploratory Call - FREE

90 Minute Session - $150 (Includes herbal formulations)

5 Session Package - $600 (Includes herbal formulations)

A one-on-one wellness consultation is a unique opportunity to open up and share the complexities of your personal health struggles or imbalances.

Unlike a typical trip to the doctor’s office, your personal experience and your body will be the guide. From this unique perspective, together we will examine physiological patterns, as well as any contributing mental, emotional, or spiritual elements.

This is a safe space to share your story.

Following our session, I will formulate a specific blend of herbs in the form of tea, tincture or ritual. You will leave with a clear strategy of how to move forward in your quest for wellness.

Plant Spirit Initiation

8-Week Package


This opportunity is for the aspiring herbalist or medicine worker who wants to go deeper into their intuitive process with plant medicine.

Using the modified process of a “plant dieta”, the student will be guided through an 8-week initiation of daily practice with particular herbal allies. The effects of this practice are truly profound, as the plants take the lead in opening up your intuition and transmitting their wisdom to you from within.

This process will take you well beyond what you can learn from books. Be prepared to experience great shifts, weird magic, and powerful dreams.